25% of computer viruses are spread through USB devices

When looking to keep your computer safe it is not only internet security you need to be concerned about. PandaLabs have discovered around 25% of new worms in 2010 have been designed to spread through devices that connect to your PC via a USB port.

Quite a high proportion of the malware currently infecting computers are being passed through USB storage devices including mobile phones, external hard drives, flash memory sticks and other gadgets and gizmos like portable players.

This new way of spreading computer viruses is an effective one for hackers and cyber criminals as many computers are being infected in this way. The virus on the device will most often run automatically when connected through a USB.

Typically in the past viruses are spread over the internet through email and files which have been made available for download on a website. With good internet security vigilance you can protect your PC.

The spread of virus through removable devices continues to grow. The auto run feature typical of many USB devices is what the cyber criminals use to spread the virus. When the device is hooked up the virus automatically runs and infects the machine. Quite often USB drives often do not need administrative right to access your computer so the malicious code on the device can access your computers files immediately.

If you want to protect your computer from USB virus attacks you can set up your computer to turn off auto run or you can use antivirus software that will disable the auto run feature. USB blocking software will give administrators the chance to specify which drives removable storage can access. This will help to protect your computers files and documents.

The best antivirus software will help to keep your computer safe from infection. Stay up to date with the latest antivirus reviews to keep updated.


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