Top Viral Videos

Everybody loves viral videos! YouTube has become one of the most popular sites on the web and it is full of them. There are millions of  hilarious “home-videos” – some real and some created with the intention of secretly advertising whilst entertaining.

A viral video is a video that becomes popular through Internet sharing. Viral videos date back as far as 1995. Remember videos like the “Dancing Baby” and “Peanut butter Jelly time”? Both of these are early examples of the viral craze!

Viral advertising is being used more and more to promote brands in a “real” and “raw” style, companies such as Quicksilver, Nike, Pepsi and Rayban have all caught the viral bug and brought their own productions to sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

The top 10 corporate advertising viral videos


Although this video isn’t “raw” and “real”… it is just too funny (and attractive) to leave out of this top 10!

At number 10, we have The Old Spice Guy


One morning a group of guys woke up and thought it would be a fantastic idea to backflip into jeans.

The rest of us can just sit back and watch them do it in this innovative Levis viral.


TV show, Mythbusters, HAD to investigate on this one…

Making Quicksilver our number 8.

Truly “Original Thinking”


The internet is flooding with game reviewers, all pointing out each tiny flaw in every game.

EA and Tiger Woods get their own back!


Mentos and cola”, a crazy experiment that bombarded YouTube a few years ago…

Carlsberg hit the labs and have produced their own Mentos experiment.


Levis are back to secure their second spot in this top 10. A great combination of time, effort and creativity;

Here is Levis – Man walks across America.


A game of catch with sunglasses;

Although this viral never really mentions who or what it is advertising…

You just know its Rayban.


Nike and Wayne Rooney have teamed up in not one, but two fantastic virals. It was too difficult to pick which one was better So here is Wayne Rooney with Nike

…and here he is again!


Rayban are too good at this! Securing their second spot in our top 5…

Here is a cow giving birth to a man

(yes, you did read that right)

This is truly “home video style” with its perfect combination of special effects and handy-cam technology…

Sprite have won a place in our hearts and in the top spot of this top 10!

To create some great viral videos of your own you need to use a video production company.


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